• The story begines...
  • Premium items in shop...

• Adventurer + Knights of Cygnus + Aran + Evan + Dual Blade
• Potential item system
• Item enhancement system
• Pink Bean + Horntail + Zakum + Chaos Squadding
• LPQ and LMPQ
• Character slot/storage slot increase
• 96 inventory slots
• Cash inventories
• Full Maker skill
• GMS-like Family System
• Custom Transfer
• 100% Evan skills working
• Balance patch v.86
• Player commands
• 99% skills working
• Moving towards full Cash Shop
• Working merchants/player shops
• 50% and Clean Slate scrolls

With the new year approaching quite fast we thought we'd start it off a bit early by giving our site a little update. Our last design was put out a bit rushed due to the DDoS and some other issues that came up around that time. And yes, donations are open now... sort of. Though since we're still in our early development stages we won't be offering too much in terms of rewards until later.

Unfortunately, being the most preferred private cabal server has the added advantage of constantly becoming plagarized and copied. We are regularly acquiring that other personal servers experience the need to copy items from us like our connection guides and other guides that we've made for you. And actually, we didn't treatment considerably about that. But now there are a number of who have stolen our entire site style and design.
With that claimed, please be mindful of the site that you are getting into your facts on. If you experience the want to develop an account on one more server (I really don't know why you would, that's like going to the unpleasant lady immediately after you have been with the scorching a single), please use a distinct username and password than you use right here. I know that helps make it tougher for you to remember but at the exact same time, it guarantees that your account info here is safe.
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+ Top Players
  • # name level job fame reborns
    1 dark 200 Beginner 62 2574
    2 deathlord 146 Night Walker 11 1004
    3 suzuky 148 Aran 4 29 705
    4 djvis 193 Noblesse 2 1984
    5 myky 158 Fighter 3 591
    6 obledon 157 Beginner 1 1651
    7 spider 193 Beginner 5 1004
    8 bigfoot 200 Aran 4 21 730
    9 scsi 181 Aran 4 17 1455
    10 ultraman 176 Magician 16 820
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